Flourishing After Abuse


featuring 20 professionals sharing their expertise for 12 days this month

Feb. 12-24

Here is the schedule of speakers. I will be sharing Feb. 19th.

  • Anne Nelson- Post-Traumatic Growth: Learning to Trust Yourself and Others Again
  • 2/13/24 Tuesday Kathey Batey: The Decision to Divorce
  • Dale & Faith Ingraham- The Impact and Response to Abuse
  • 2/14/24 Wednesday : Jennifer Lester- Taking back your power – Staying protected as you heal and beyond
  • Diane Schnickels- 3 Key Choices for Healing
  • 2/15/24. Thursday
  • Crystal Williams- How to Rebuild Your Financial Life
  • Angela Chambers- Restored after Divorce
  • 2/16/24 Friday
  • Jolene Underwood- Reconnecting to God’s Heart for You
  • Martha Fry- Self Care for Healing
  • 2/17/25 Saturday
  • Tabitha Westbrook- Healthy Sexuality After Abuse – Inviting Your Body to Something Different
  • Charlene Quint- Overcoming Abuse to Be the Woman You Were Designed to Be
  • 2/18/24 Sunday
  • Kristen Joy- Living Loved Changes Everything
  • Jenny- live zoom with VIP attendees for Q&A and implementation (or Saturday 17th)
  • 2/19/24 Monday
  • Stacey Wynn- Free to Love: Dating after Divorce
  • Shirley Fessel- Thriving After Religious Abuse: Three Keys
  • 2/20/24 Tuesday
  • Amy Elisabeth- Healing with Holy Spirit
  • Caprice Crebar- Nutrition and Healing
  • 2/21/24 Wednesda
  • Jess Nagy- Raising Resilient Kids
  • Dr. Susie Mierzwik- The IOUs of Rising from the Ashes
  • 2/22/24 Thursday
  • Bridget Goodwin- Finding Your Voice After Sexual Trauma
  • Mark Waters- Financial Recovery from Domestic Violence
  • 2/23/24 Friday
  • LeAnne Parsons- Buckle up your Boundaries with the Belt of Truth
  • Jenny- Embracing Your God-given Identity
  • 2/24/24 Saturday
  • Dr. Yve Ruiz- Free at Last: Embrace Engendering to an Extraordinary You!
  • Jennifer Lester- Breaking Bonds Ritual
  • 2:25/24 Sunday
  • Colleen Ramser- Reconnected Faith After Spiritual Abuse
  • Jenny- wrap up for all attendees
  • -live zoom for VIP attendees, Q&A and implementation
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Published by Fessup

A 30-year veteran educator and counselor, published author, lifelong student of religion and women's issues, educator with divinebalance.org, mother, and lover of Far Side humor.