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Credit cards, AMEX, VISA, and

Amber explains how the workbook is a reference when she navigates challenges of custody and rebuilding.

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Laura Cook explains how the workbook helped her come to terms with the shocking idea that her husband would use the Bible against her.

“I think for me the lightbulb moment was chapter two about dedication. I made it very easy for a spiritually abusive person to spot me. I was on eharmony when I met my ex, and I literally had in my profile “If Jesus isn’t your top priority, please don’t contact me”. Although this is true I would never put that now in the dating world. I hold the cards closer to my chest and watch and see who THEY are. It was a hard lesson to learn that someone would use my faith and dedication against me because I would never do that to someone. When I tried to leave, my abuser pulled out the Bible and quoted the verse about a wise woman builds her home and evil one tears it down. I wish I would have had the quick response to tell him that he actually tore it down way before I contacted an attorney but I was just speechless. I had never had the Bible used at me like a weapon.”