Leon R. Probasco, LCSW, LSCSW, BCD
Clinical Counseling Associates, Inc. | Board Certified Diplomat

As a 30 year veteran family therapist, 1 have reviewed, evaluated and endorse Shirley Fessel’s Recovery Workbook for Spouses of Religiously Sanctioned Domestic Violence. This is an excellent, practical workbook, which clarifies the issues and empowers spouses who want to understand. The author presents this syndrome in a very clear, understandable way that moves recovery forward. Her observations and analyses are extremely profound, insightful, and useful. She is creating a new paradigm for us and innovative methods for engaging and treating these problems. The book is the result of the wisdom she has earned through events in her
life, her higher education, and her depth of experience teaching at the college and
university level. I highly recommend this book for anyone, professional or lay person, who is interested in pursuing freedom and healing from abuse underwritten by appeals to religious concepts.

Shirley Taylor | We Baptist Women for Equality

I highly recommend this book Redemption from Biblical Battering. Those who are currently being abused should read this book (I recommend hiding the book and reading it in secret). Children who were raised in a home where their mother was abused should read this book as it will help them recognize what was happening. Those who have family members who are being abused should read this book as it will help them understand how a wife can stay with a husband who is abusing her.  Pastors should read this book and acknowledge what is happening in Christian homes and make every effort to help women who are being abused. Counselors should read this book and even though they know it already, they need to see a new perspective on it. I am not a counselor and have no knowledge of the course women should take when being abused. What I do know is that the Bible was never intended to be a hammer over womens heads. Read full review HERE

Dr. Katie M. Deaver | Christian Feminism Today

This workbook is an incredibly important resource for Christian women, especially those who are living in situations of violence. I could see Redemption from Biblical Battering being used as the basis of a wonderful small group book study, and I think church pastors would benefit from keeping a few copies on hand  to provide to parishioners struggling within violent relationships.

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