Congratulations to Abigail, $1,000 winner of the second annual RBB Thriver Grant!

Abigail is the first grant recipient outside of the US.

Abigail suffered religious abuse in both her marriage and in her church. Doctrines of submission were used to blame her and remove any accountability from the abuser. Church leaders and members scorned her when her desire for support meant that they would help a woman instead of a male member. Homeless, poor and having her health seriously compromised by the trauma she sustained, Abigail nonetheless did remove herself from both the toxic marriage and the colluding church. Financially abused by her husband, she took the courageous step to reject the funds her ex-husband tried to use to keep her controlled.

RBB rejoices with her in awarding the full amount of $1,000 to provide relocation and transportation expenses.

Read Abigail’s story in her own words under Grant Winners Stories.

Congratulations, Abigail!

If you read the workbook and would like to apply for a grant, email the application to [email protected]. Applications are accepted from March through September 1 of each year.

RBB THRIVER  GRANT for Workbook Readers

Many RBB workbook  readers who leave religious domestic abuse find that the first year is challenging financially. Sometimes they may not receive promised payments. They may incur new expenses or discover new costs during the transition.

The supporters of Redemption from Biblical Batterings mission understand this need. One applicant from readers will be chosen to receive assistance for needs, except for legal fees. 

To apply, complete the application below.

Application:  RBB* Thriver Grant

(all information is held in confidence)




The abuse was ____domestic ____used faith to control me.

Are you applying for ___$250 ___$500 ___$750 ___$1,000 ?  

Please do not apply for more than your need. $1,000 is the total available annually. For example, if you only need $500, that leaves another $500 for another thriver.

How do you see the grant being used?________________________

(Be specific. “personal reasons” is not sufficient for example.)




Email this  to [email protected] by September 1 of the grant year.

You will be contacted for an interview.

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