Advocacy Services

Shirley is a 30-year veteran educator and counseling. The process she developed emerged from her lifetime of study of faith systems and advanced education in counseling and communication. It has been reviewed and endorsed by Board Diplomate in Marriage and Family Therapy and professor in the MCSW program at Park University, Leon Probasco, Clinical Counseling Associates.

The workbook process draws upon or is compatible with the following therapies:

  •  Applied Behavioral Analysis
  •  Brief Therapy
  •  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:   
  •  Cognitive Communication Therapy
  •  Dialetical Behavior Therapy.
  •  Experiential therapy
  •  Logo Therapy (Paradoxical Intention)
  •  Mentalization-Based Therapy (MBT)
  •  Metacognitive Behavior Therapy (MIT)
  •  Narrative Therapy
  •  Rational Therapy
  •  Rational Emotive Therapy
  •  Relational Therapy
  •  Schema Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy, 
  •  Transactional Analysis
  • Trauma-Informed Therapy (EMDR and other methods)


  • Informational 1- hour sessions are available through Zoom. 
  • Private, confidential sessions with victims or survivors are available individually or in small group online through Susannas Sisters on FB
  • Small group conversations or training is available for churches and social service advocates.
  • Training delivered in 8 one-hour sessions in person are distributed within a month for therapists, pastoral teams, or social service professionals. 
  • Retaining consulting services are available for church ministries as needed.
  • Speaking presentations for conferences and seminars
  • In development: 1 CEU training for social service and counseling professionals