Local Author Fair Host Features RBB


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A 30-year veteran educator and counselor, published author, lifelong student of religion and women's issues, educator with divinebalance.org, mother, and lover of Far Side humor.

2 thoughts on “Local Author Fair Host Features RBB

  1. Thank you for help with us who have been raised on Christian principles and do not understand the confusion when we have been violated by a member of the clergy whether through marriage or counseling. We look up to the clergy and automatically assumed it was our fault. In my case, I assumed ,until friends told me similar stories of abuse by the same clergy. I had to see a psychiatrist over my feelings, and was told to confront. When I confronted, all the clergy said was “you wanted it as much as I did”

    1. Thank you, Dianne. I am sorry you were disrespected this way, adding betrayal ti your trauma. We must stand together, speak out and hold perpetrators accountable no matter what position they hold. Blessings for your healing.

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